Production and sale of platinum products and accessories for analysis

88Labware: Development, production, after-sales support of platinum products and accessories for organic and inorganic analysis, all from a single company.
8853 SpA, a decades-long player and leader in Italy as regards precious metals and semi-finished products, thanks to its advanced laboratories, also stands as a major international reference due to the quality of its products, which are strictly Made in Italy.
88Labware, a subsidiary of this company, which has operated in the sector since the 60s thanks to Mario Villa's -its founder- relentless pursuit of perfection, is synonymous with personalised craftsmanship that meets each and every customer's requirement. Platinum crucibles and accessories for XRF analysis, microanalysis, incineration and evaporation (which require fusions of samples at high temperatures and resistance to particularly aggressive substances), mini-crucibles, lids, capsules, (with or without spout or support points), saucers, mixers, pliers with platinum-coated tips, probes, electrodes, are all produced with platinum or derived alloys combined with gold, rhodium, iridium and palladium or other precious metals.

Platinum crucibles also suitable for thermogravimetry and differential scanning calorimetry, which allow measuring heat flows on samples of polymers, pharmaceutical products, foods and biological products, organic and inorganic chemicals. And also platinum-iridium inoculation loops for bacteriological sowing.

88Labware products are compatible with melting and fusion units from the most popular brands on the market. At the same time, the professionalism, experience and utmost care put in every single product allow 88Labware to deliver every solution to measure, including platinum coatings for crucibles of non-precious material.

88Labware's strength lies in its personalized assistance: From development to production to after-sales services, 88Labware technicians closely monitor each stage to provide their customers with a perfect product, whether for sale or long-term rental.

88Labware and the processing of platinum products: as an optional service, 88Labware can recover the platinum contained in used crucibles, which can be bought by the company or used for the production of new crucibles.

The 8853 SpA quality system complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standards and is TÜV / Germany certified. 8853 SpA is a member of the RJC (Responsible Jewellery Council), which guarantees the use of "conflict-free" metals. 

OROvilla and Banco Villa deal with precious metals at 360 degrees, addressing both individuals and industry

88dent operates in the dental field, participating in every phase of the process with the Clinical line reserved for dentists and dental hygienists and the Lab line for dental technicians

88Labware produces precious semi-finished products for the most diverse markets: from cement factories to chemical industries, from high jewelery to surgical implants and more

88vet, the youngest division, sells professional machinery for pet care in the veterinary field

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